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Electircal Workers, IBEW Local 6 / JohnConsiglieri
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John Consiglieri, Foreman, 27 years

The way the building is being built, with all the angles and elevation, it’s been hard to get all the conduit there, especially to the rainforest, and with all the detailing. It’s challenging, but the guys were right on top of it, and we made it happen, especially the general foreman and cat operators. There is a lot of pipe out there that we had to pick up.

We have a great group, about 80 guys and two general foreman. I manage 8 to10 guys, and it’s pretty smooth running.

I worked on the City Hall remodel, the library, the Lucas project, and now this. It’s been a good run. I put two kids through college, and now I’m looking forward to bringing my grandchildren to show them the aquarium and the library and the other projects I’ve worked on.

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