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Electircal Workers, IBEW Local 6 / RyanDay
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Ryan Day, Lighting Crew Foreman, 7 years

We’re using Lutron Lighting controls. There are a lot more details than the 277 lighting circuits. I don’t know that much about them yet, but I’m looking forward to learning about them and all the details of the different motors and pumps for the aquarium, and learning about all the green technology. You wouldn’t see all this normally. The guys in my crew started working in Africa Hall. Now we’re on the third level running the lighting for the offices and conference rooms, and then we’re going to do the auditorium. We all came out of the apprentice program. Two of the guys were in the class below me and two in the class ahead, and now we’ve been working together for years. The Local 6 program is top notch. The camaraderie you build up working together is something that lasts your whole career.

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