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Glaziers 718 / AdrianPereira
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Adrian Pereira, journeyman, 10 years

I love everything about it, from the brotherhood of the union to working in the trade. Before glazing I drove a fork lift. My brother-in-law was a glazier, and he introduced me to the trade. I was fascinated from the minute I started. There is something about working with glass. I like the look of it, the feel of it, and the shine of it. There are so many types of glass: annealed, tempered, fire glass. They all look different and are different to work with. I like the way you can look through a properly installed clear piece of glass and see a beautiful view. I’ve worked at the federal building, at Highland Hospital, and I can go on and on. They are doing so many different things with glass and mirrors. You can see whole buildings that look like they are built all out of glass. Glass is what holds the building together and makes it stand out. Sometimes I go back after we’re done just to take some pictures.

The union has made a big difference for me, from the training programs for advancement to situations on the job. Even when I’ve been out of work, all it took was a phone call to the union, and they took care of it. They’ve helped me, and that’s why I try to give something back whenever I can, from participating at meetings to precinct walking and voting.

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