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Glaziers 718 / MadisonHull
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Madison Hull, journeywoman, 5 years

I love the job. Everything is new, nothing is repetitive. Every day there are multiple problems to solve. You have to improvise a lot, and you have a whole building of spare parts to use.

On this job the windows are part of a unified system that came pre-built. The problem was they were racked. They slant the wrong way, and we can’t take them apart. So we had to create shims.

Today, I’m working on the punch list. We just walk through the job figuring out what went wrong and how to fix it.
The main tool I use is my head. Looking back at the end of the day, you realize there were no problems, only solutions. I used to work in the corporate world in human resources. I like the union environment a lot better.

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