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Glaziers 718 / MattMcArthur
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Matt McArthur, journeyman, 11 years

When you first walk up to the job, the building is surrounded by scaffolding, and you can’t even tell what it is. When it’s all done, you just stand back and admire what all the work produced. On some jobs you have to fabricate everything right there in the field. With the new building designs, you have to cut some tricky angles and corner rounds,  pretty fancy stuff. On other jobs, everything comes prefab. I like the prefab, because I can concentrate on other things and not have to worry about getting cut up as much. I like putting on my little sprinkles, finishing it up and making it look good.

It’s all about teamwork. It’s a lot like a team sport. You argue with your other team members on how to get it done, but then at the end of the day, it’s all good.

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