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Glaziers 718 / TimRodriguez
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Tim Rodriguez, apprentice, 9 months

It’s pretty cool hanging out of a 20-story window. I did some rock climbing in Costa Rica, but here we get to use all the latest safety equipment and training. They really put safety first. You feel confident, but it’s still challenging.

I used to work at a night club. That was fun and interesting, but there was no one to advocate for the people working there. They could make you work whenever they wanted, without any respect for your time. When you are in a union, you have other guys standing behind you.

My grandfather was a carpenter, and I saw how the union took care of him. He’s retired now and lives a pretty good life. So I looked at the pension plans, and the glaziers had the best.

Also, it’s a pretty universal skill. People always need glass windows. I can help my family putting in their windows or changing them out, and when I get a house I can do mine.

We have a volunteer activist committee of the District Council. We help people in low-income neighborhoods work on their houses. We also go precinct walking, attend assembly meetings, and go on peace marches. After you volunteer three times, they give you a sweatshirt with a big “Glaziers 718” emblem. That’s cool.

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