Richard Bermack  
putting a human face on complex social issues

Selected Writing and Reports

The Front Lines of Social Change: The Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade
A book of photographs and interviews about the Americans who fought to defend democracy against fascism in the Spanish Civil War and then continued to fight for social justice when they returned to the United States.

Award-Winning Articles
Dame una Chansa, Give Me a Chance. Winner of the 1999 International Labor Communicators Association's Max Steinboch award for the Humanitarian Spirit in Journalism. A story about how a social worker took a chance on a client charged with felony child abuse and unlocked a mystery that saved a family.

Unmasking Dean Curtis. Many corporations have rushed to offer solutions to the welfare-to-work problem with private enterprise "know how," playing politics and playing fast and loose with their accounting. A group of dedicated employment social workers in Lompoc, Santa Barbara County, unmasked the truth behind the hype. This story is a classic study of the clash of ethics between cultures of private enterprise and public service and why the profit motive is inappropriate in the delivery of public services.

Kathleen Schormann and the Unquiet Death of Lance Helms
. A tragic story of the system's failure and a brave social worker's refusal to back down and look the other way.


Reports on Social Work and Child Welfare
The following are in pdf form:

Social Worker Meltdown
A series of articles about the crisis facing childrens' social workers.

Protecting Children, Restoring Families, It Takes Time

To Make a Difference: The Heroes of Social Work
An exhibit about transformation and change and the mission of social work, including interviews with social workers and people whose lives were transformed by them.


The Men Along the Shore and the Legacy of 1934
An historical exhibit produced for the International Longshore and Warehouse Union about the 1934 west coast maritime strike and the San Francisco general strike. The exhibit is 100 feet long and has been exhibited at union halls, museums and libraries.


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